Bosch Universal Plus Stand MixerThe Bosch Universal Plus is one tough stand mixer.  It has a huge 6.5 quart capacity bowl  and a huge motor.  It will whip anything from a single egg to a gallon of icing.

The Bosch Universal is the only stand mixer I’ve run into that will so easily make 4 loaves of 100% whole wheat bread.  The unique dough hook is specifically designed to replicate hand kneading for 100% gluten development.

Instead of taking hours to raise and knead the dough, the Bosch Universal can do it in about 15 minutes, then let the dough do a final rise for 30 minutes and bake.  I’ve been able to make 4 loaves of whole wheat bread in under 2 hours, from start to finish.

Bosch Universal Plus Review Pros and Cons

Easy Cleanup

The Bosch Universal Plus has a curved splash ring that not only allows for extra volume but prevents splash back.  Once through mixing, you can put the bowl, splatter guard and whisk holder into the dishwasher and walk away.  Even the inside steel shaft of the bowl locks off so you can clean inside as well if you want to.

The Bosch stand mixer is a different design than most other mixers.  The bowl has a center post (sort of like a bundt pan) on which the dough hook and beaters rotate.

Some consumers have complained that the Bosch is hard to clean.  I honestly don’t understand that.  I’ve never run across anything that is easier.  Unless they leave it sitting for a while with bits of dough in it so it hardens in place?  Personally, as soon as I have the dough out of the bowl, I stick the bowl and the dough hook in the sink with some water until I’m ready to either throw it in the dishwasher or wash it in the sink.  I’ve never had to scrub or scrape, everything falls off like it was teflon.


The Bosch Universal Plus has four speeds and a pulse action for quick splash resistant mixing.  The unique design allows the beaters to reach all areas so it doesn’t matter how small or how large the job is, it gets done well.

The dough hooks are specifically designed to simulate hand kneading, stretching the dough, letting air in and developing the gluten.  There is no extra hand kneading needed with this machine.

Stability and Motor Size

The Bosch Universal Plus has a tremendous 800 watt motor with sealed transmission that was crafted for commercial-style performance.  The sealed oil transmission more than doubles the liftetime of the transmission.

This stand mixer is extremely stable and won’t jump around on the counter even though it  is only about 12 pounds.  The suction feet make it safe and secure on the countertop.  The light weight makes it easy to store away and bring back out again

Size and Decor

The Bosch Universal Plus has a sleek, unique design.  It is about  11 inches high by 15.5 inches wide by 12 inches in depth so it will fit on just about any countertop.  Or if you want to store it in a cupboard, you won’t break your back trying to bring it out as it only weighs about 12 pounds.

One draw back is that it only comes in the one color – white.  If something more colorful is important to you, then you will be disappointed in this.

Other Options

There are a lot of optional attachments you can get for your Bosch Universal Plus.  If you love cooking then you won’t run out of choices with any of these optional attachments:

  •   Fruit & Berry Press
  •  Food Processor
  •  Blender
  •  Food Grinder
  •  Citrus Juicer
  •  Grain Mill
  •  Pasta Maker
  •  Pastry Press
  •  Noodle Attachment
  • Flaker Mill
  •  Sausage Stuffer
  •  Slicer Shredder


If you are serious about making bread, bagels, crackers etc then take a serious look at the Bosch Universal Plus.  I have both a KitchenAid and a Bosch but, hands down, I use the Bosch for heavy jobs like making bread.

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